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Multitrack production for all types of music - bands, solo artists, acoustic and electronic performers. You'll have access to a wide range of guitars, amps, keyboards and drums.  We specialise in the unusual and esoteric - 60s Hammond organ, upright piano, Indian harmoniums, vintage drum machines and guitars. Everything goes through an analogue desk and boutique  mic pres by Neve and SSL.



Mixing sessions can be remote or attended. We can work with your project to turn it into a commercially ready master.  Take advantage of our range of monitors  (Genelec, Yamaha and Tannoy, JBL monitors).  Break your mix out across the analogue desk and use vintage outboard by Urei, Focusrite, Joe Meek, SSL and Drawmer. Take advantage of  our authentic effects - Space Echo, spring reverb and an EMT140 reverb plate. We have also mixed the sound for films and video production  and can offer ADR and sound design.



Refine the levels for your market - whether that's CD, online, broadcast or vinyl. Using the latest software and digital plug ins we can keep your mixes sounding fresh wherever they play out. We can work from digital or analogue masters, and we can also master using analogue equipment should your work need a final injection of warmth. Check our playlist for the quality of our work below.

Videographer Juliet Klottrup documents a Mr Ben and the Bens recording session
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Church Road Recording Company is a trading division of Church Road Studio Ltd
Company No. 03202680

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