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Here are some of the clients we've worked with


Studio Recordings, Production: Fear of Men/Fujiya & Miyagi/Michael A Grammar/Esben and the Witch/House of Love/Seefeel/Teardrop Factory/Oddfellows Casino/Pete Fij & Terry Bickers/Barry Adamson/A Lily/Jonny8Track/I Am Ampersand/Tim Burness/Slum Of Legs/Games/RID/Mudlow/The Delta Jacks/The Fiction Aisle/Fire Eyes/Isobel Anderson/Ru Horne/Palm Springs/AKDK/Thieves By The Code/Kingsmiths/Boston Rats/Tripsyrup/Howland/Imbium/Slippery People/Bamboo/Spring Hill/The Popguns/Theo Verney/Fur/The Academy Of Sun/The Perfect English Weather/Jetstream Pony/Traams/The Delta Bell/Servants Of Science/Sun Drift/Cavey/Horsey/Maalem Mahmoud Ganier/Magic City Trio/Ruby Dutch/Pavilion/Choc/Lazer Girl/CAAW/Catfish Kings/Mr Ben and the Bens/Wrighty/Mere Child/Monty Oxymoron/Matt Finucane/Belles/Neil Palmer/Honeybadger/Spring Hill/Beat Hotel/Insides/Omarni/The Go Team/Dreamy Time Escorts/Hive Society/Bloody Norah/White Flowers (remix)/ Starlight Assembly(remix)/Nick Austin/Grohotsky/The EMC/ David Best/Aida Heston/The Also Ran/Unholy Jo/Kovak/The Family Grave/The Grown Men/Ron Caines/Dragons Of Disgust/Decadent Dayze/Junkboy/The Bone Records/Lovejoy/Chop Chop

Mastering: Los Hombres/Sun Drift/Cavey/Horsey/Maalem Mahmoud Ganier/Wrighty/Rodrigo Tavares/Sonny Sharrock/Moulay Al Hassani/Morning Myth/Baby Crow/Drowning Boy/Kipp Boucher/Wrighty/Pete Phipps/Belles/Pavilion/Alfie Firmin/Francesca Fulmini/Hallan/Barbara/Deadletter/Public Body/The Winches/Lucy Feliz/Krim Kram label/Hive Mind Records label/ Wet Tuna/ MD After Hussein & Paq/Acid Mothers Reynols/Hassan Wargui/Nino Givilia/ Tom White/Nick Carlisle/Nick Austin/Yara Asmar/Kevan Koya/Joy Forever/Benjamin Brett/Mot Runk/Digitalis/Beachtape/Thrillhouse/Chop Chop/Map 71


Multimedia and Voiceover: Lick (multimedia videos) /Crunch Accounting (Voiceovers) /Brightwave (voiceovers) /My Accomplice(independent feature film sound mix)/The Creeping Garden(independent feature film sound mix)/DFie Foe animation (sound design) / Latest TV (production Bowlegs TV series) /Loud City Productions/Tim Pope/ Connected (independent feature film sound mix) / Invisible Britain (Sleaford Mods documentary sound mix) E3 Productions/ 'V' Recordings documentary (location sound and mix)/Alex Simpson director/Sound restoration on the Ken Campbell podcast series 'Seeker'/Graham Duff - Foreground Music Audiobook/Martine McDonagh - I Have Waited And You Have Come Enhanced Audiobook/The Reticent Ones - Location Sound/ Library Agency/ 


Live video sessions: Unknown Mortal Orchestra/Julia Holter/Dinosaur Jr/Sharon Van Etten/Michael A Grammar/Keel Her/The Leisure Society/Cold Pumas/Throwing Muses/Real Estate/Adam Green/US Girls/Lanterns on the Lake/Vivian Girls/Ezra Furman/Quasi/Islet/Giant Drag/Torres/Deep Time/Deap Valley/Outfit/Blouse/Gardens and Villa/Connan Mockasin/Here We Go Magic/Silver Apples/Big Deal/Cults/Lower Dens/Still Corners/Fujiya & Miyagi/Omega Male/Matthew E White/Girlpool/Courtney Barnett/Wampire/Ballet School/Drinks/Alden Penner/The Drink/Girl Band/The War On Drugs/Shopping/C Duncan/MNNQNS/Frost/Insides


Rough Trade Sessions Girl Band/The Prettiots/Benjamin Booker/Jennylee/Parquet Courts/Josienne Clark and Ben Walker

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