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Church Road Recording Company is a professional recording studio located in Hove, UK, featuring the best of both

vintage analog and modern digital tools. Music is our passion, we focus on making a big sound in an intimate setting.


Music recording and production

Weekday £32 per hour,  Weekend £37 ph, book 10 hours and get 10% off your bill.

Voiceover& Post Production

£36 flat rate per hour audio only, ADR call for a quote.


If you are a currently enrolled at BIMM, GBMET, University of Brighton or Sussex University we have a special rate for you. You'll need to email proof of enrolment with your enquiry.

Dry Hire

Many producers with home studios come here to record. If you are an experienced engineer, or have a music production qualification, we can help you get started recording your session with your own client. Call for a quote.

We ask for a deposit to book sessions in advance, 14 day notice cancellation policy for a full refund on your deposit. 

MIXING: Call for a Quote

Mixing and producing songs to their end point involves every part of the studio - from processing using analogue and digital equipment, to getting a good level balance. Desk mixes can add that extra cohesive quality that in the box mixes struggle with, and the outboard effects such as the original EMT plate and Space Echo are a bonus.

Attended sessions are at the normal studio rates. For online only mixing please check here


Paul Pascoe has mixed the sound for several independent films over the last few years. We can work with a range of budgets and have Adobe CC so we can flip between sound and video edits easily. Call us for a quote or to discuss requirements.

MASTERING: see below for pricing

We've mastered a huge range of projects from albums, singles, EPs, feature films to voice overs. Let us give you a quote and discuss finalising your project. We can create CD masters, DDP files, add ISRC and other metadata, and for broadcast we can help set appropriate output levels  and maintaining a healthy dynamic range. We're happy to discuss your preferences whether its for a more contemporary increased dynamic range or louder compressed masters. This kind of mastering is £36 per song.


We can premaster your material prior to vinyl cutting (which we don't do) but we advise that digital masters have some different level, stereo and sibilance requirements to vinyl cuts so we like to produce 2 different masters which we can do at £42 per song.

Video Production Live performance or full promo call for a quote

Julian co-ran the Bowlegs music blog between 2010-15, making video sessions with loads of interesting artists. Check out our history on our Youtube archive.  We're known for our up close and earthy live sessions which we have made for Rough Trade, Fat Cat, Full Time Hobby4AD. If it's a live performance video we can record at the studio or on location. We can also help with your promo video - you may have seen our promos for Fujiya And Miyagi, Erland and the Carnival, Fear Of Men, Oddfellows Casino, and Honeyblood. Call for a quote.

Location Sound call for quote

Main Equipment:

Zoom F8 8 channel recorder

Rode Boom

Sennheiser MKH416

Rode NTG 2

Rycote blimp

4 x Micron Explorer TX/RX radiomic kits

2 xSennheiser G3 TX/RX used as camera hop                                 

4 x Sanken COS-11 mic kits    

Tentacle sync, Denecke SB2 sync                                


Julian regularly works as a location sound recordist, please contact for a quote.

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