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Location Sound

V Records Documentary 2019

V Records Documentary 2018


Julian works as a location sound recordist with a variety of rigs.


I have 4 sets of Micron Explorer 100 radio transmitters and receivers, 4 x Sennheiser G3/G4, 3 x Cos 11 lavalier mics, waist and ankle straps and windshields for use outdoors. 

These are often used in conjunction with a boom and Sennheiser MK416/Schoeps CMC6/MK41/Rode NTG-2. I have a Rycote windjammer for use outdoors.

My main recorder is a Zoom F8, 8 input with splitter for multiple headphone outs for Director/Crew.

I can send timecode (TC) using a 4 x Tentacle Sync have cables for Red, Arri, Black Magic and Sony cameras.


I have a 16 channel Presonus Studiolive 16:4:2 desk which can record 16 simultaneous channels to a MacBook Pro. This desk is useful if you require extensive EQ and compression on the recording, but mains power is required.

Sound Effects

For gathering SFX I use the Zoom F8 with the  MK416 but also have 2 x JR French contact mics and 2 x hydrophones. I also have a set of binaural in ear microphones and binaural head.

Working with director Tim Pope 2017

Location/Media Recording CV

DFieFoe - FIDRA - PFAS campaign video - Sound Design, Foley and Composition


The Year Dot 2022 (short film) Sound recording and sound edit and mix.


The Reticent Ones - Advert for forthcoming documentary - Sound Recordist

Graham Duff - Foreground Music - Audiobook recording and production for Strange Attractor Press

Martine McDonagh - I Have Waited And You Have Come Audiobook recording and production.


V Records 25th Year Documentary - Sound Recordist 


Alex Simpson (dir.) Gaz Choudry  - sound recordist, sound design, composition, sound mix.


Alex Simpson (dir.) Fold advertising campaign - sound recordist.


Jacob Schübe-Lewis (dir) Royal Ballet School advertising campaign  - sound recordist 


Google Arts & Culture/Serpentine Gallery The Deep Listener (2019) (dir. Alex Simpson)

Alex Simpson -'Fell Runner' - sound recordist

Phase 8 T Shirts Campaign (dir. Alex Simpson) sound recordist

Seeker! The Ken Campbell Podcast - audio restoration and sound mix

'Speeddate' - short film - (dir. Tim Pope/Vic Scarborough) - sound recordist

Medea Electronica - play - (dir. Mella Faye) sound recording, edits, sound design.


Diagrams Promo Film (dir. Williams & Tardo) sound recording, sound mix

Secret Cities interview - -recording and sound mix


The art of noise  - video edit, recording and sound mix

Young fathers interview  -recording, sound mix

Bowlegs tv series for Latest TV (10 episodes)​ Sound mix and recording

Rough Trade Shop Tim Hardin Tribute special (recordings and sound mix)

GAFFER (dir Williams & Tardo) sound recordist, sound design, sound mix:

Connected Film - Sound mixer + sound design:

Resident Records profile -  (sound design, interviews , sound mix)

Silver Apples Documentary

Find me on Mandy:

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