We're 20 years old

It was 1995 that I started thinking about starting a studio. I’d worked on and off in Grant Lyons’ tiny studio in a room in his parents house on Davigdor Road. Grant had been the owner of Ladida records which put out some records by my first band Earwig, and I got to know about the hardware in a studio from him. He had a DAT machine and a 16 track tape recorded and a small mixer. At some point his parents wanted their house back and we both found ourselves with studio gear stuttered in our living rooms. We did a whole bunch of stuff together like running some PA systems in clubs and venues, and then an opportunity fell into our laps. There was a place that a band was rehearsing. It was an ol

New Sonicscoop review by Julian

Julian reviewed some new Focusrite preamps for Brooklyn-based Sonicscoop.com. We have the classic Red 3 compressor at the studio, and a Red 1 and Scarlett preamps at Northbrook College.

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