New session drummer available at Church road Studios. Remote recording for Nottingham's Torn Sai

Jonny Aitken is one of the great drummers i've worked with over the years. Also known by his alter ego Jonny 8 Track, he's actually a very experienced session drummer who recently provided the drums on the critically acclaimed Spiritualized album 'And Nothing Hurt'. We were recording some drums for the Torn Sail album and having received the WAVs I set up a multitrack session to replace some pre production template ideas with real drums. Jonny brought in his lovely old Premier kit and I set up the mics - using Kick IN - RE20 Kick OUT - 414 Snare TOP - SM57 Snare BOTTOM - M160 Rack - vintage MD421 Floor - 441 Overheads - Neumann KM184 Ride - vintage 451 Hat - vintage 451 I didn't compress any

Julian visits legendary Air Studios

I was lucky enough to be asked to review some new Universal Audio equipment for Sonicscoop. UA put on an amazing recording session with U2 producer Jackknife Lee and the band Two Door Cinema Club. Check out my review here.

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