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Podcast Production 2022

I've been producing the Queer I Am podcast for host Andrew Flewitt during 2022. Andrew asked me if I could help him put a pro sounding podcast together. The podcast "'is about being loud, proud, visible and living and celebrating who we are as Queer people. We all have unique stories to tell, and this podcast will inform, educate, and above all else celebrate each and every one of us, regardless of where we may be on our journeys".

Our initial meeting was to discuss the vibe of the show and the basic premise. After suggesting some reference tracks I created some sections of theme music - one for the intro and outro and the main ident theme. Andrew has a great deep voice and he sounded particularly good on a Shure SM7B mic when we first tried out some test recording. That has pretty much become his sound for me. I will usually give the guest on the show an EVRE20 to compliment this.

Once we had the music I created a DAW template which we record into each time and this saves production time later down the line. It also helps to keep levels and tone consistent over multiple episodes, which is probably the trickiest aspect.

Sessions tend to be around two hours, the studio room is reconfigured with a table an chairs, headphones and screening to damp the acoustics.

Season 1 is now released and you can check out the Queer I Am podcast here.

I've also written the theme music to the Drug of Art podcast. This podcast is hosted by artist Alison Lapper and discusses the impact of art on the lives of artists such as Gary Mansfield, Rankin, Marc Quinn, Jade Montserrat, Stuart Semple, Stevie Georgina, Ben Wakeling, The Kirkwood Brothers, Dawn Blake, Victoria Gray and Hattie Porter. The podcast needed some appropriate incidental music so wrote some abstract soft synth pieces as ideas and you can hear the chosen piece on the podcast here


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