Fujiya & Miyagi new video

Here’s a new video we made for the band who have a new album out soon. Filmed over in Worthing with Gavin Williams and recorded live using my location sound rig. I have 16 channels to record to and can record whole gigs or just a session like this one. Give me a call if you have a project in mind. Gavin has his own Loud City production company, you can check out his other work here . Personal Space is premiering on the 405 music blog now.

Revox B77 refurb

I met up with a very talented lazer engineer called Graham last year and we chatted about our mutual interest in tape recorders. Probably not realising what he let himself in for, he is now well into refurbishing our Revox B77. We bought a kit from Australia which has all the components you need to bring the machine back to essentially brand new. Then I managed to get brand new hears from a guy in Romania. Sounds sketchy but the guy came up trumps and they duly arrived in the post. So a month or so in and Graham has disassembled the motors, replaced the bearings and things are looking good so far. If you haven't spent enough time today checking out pictures of shafts and bearings then here's

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