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New session drummer available at Church road Studios. Remote recording for Nottingham's Torn Sai

Jonny Aitken is one of the great drummers i've worked with over the years. Also known by his alter ego Jonny 8 Track, he's actually a very experienced session drummer who recently provided the drums on the critically acclaimed Spiritualized album 'And Nothing Hurt'.

We were recording some drums for the Torn Sail album and having received the WAVs I set up a multitrack session to replace some pre production template ideas with real drums.

Jonny brought in his lovely old Premier kit and I set up the mics - using

Kick IN - RE20

Kick OUT - 414

Snare TOP - SM57

Snare BOTTOM - M160

Rack - vintage MD421

Floor - 441

Overheads - Neumann KM184

Ride - vintage 451

Hat - vintage 451

I didn't compress anything on the way in because I want to give the future mix engineer more options. I always use Neve 1272 pre's on the main drums.

Soundcheck complete Jonny first copied the exact feel of the template drum track, doing 2 takes for safety. Then he did a further 3 takes of slight alternative rhythms, plus a useful set of individual hits for potential sampling. You always get a great feel with Jonny's playing, he is tight to the click track but there is a natural solidity to his rhythm.

If you'd like Jonny to add drums to your track click here

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