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Steve Thompson jazz ensemble recording

Steve Thompson put down 9 great new soundtracky cool jazz compositions in one day yesterday.


Keyboard player Tim was amazed that we had an actual C3 Hammond and wore a broad grin throughout the day. I plugged Steve's double bass pickup into my self build Cinemag tranformer DI box, and stuck a M160 ribbon just above the F hole. I always seem to get good results from that, but was over the moon with the sound from the DI too.

Drummer Preston builds his own drums and they sounded ace too - turns out his workshop is round the corner from my house. Check em out at I miced it up with 4 mics - Glyn Johns method again. Second time in a couple of weeks. The floor mic was the old 1949 EMI which sounds good through the Ampex pre.


Dave on guitar went down via a pod for monitoring and a di - I reamped the DI this morning through our nice little WEM 15 mic'ed with a Neuman 184.


I used a Sennheiser 421 on the tenor sax. I just like that rasp you get from a dynamic on a sax, it can be too rounded otherwise.

We just kept rolling the takes all day. I wish all recording was this easy and enjoyable!


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