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Fujiya & Miyagi

I've been recording the my chums Fujiya and Miyagi at Northbrook's studio complex for 3 days. It's nice to record somewhere else for a change! Full band. We got 4 tracks recorded in the 3 days. The live room's BIG. Good ambient sound for the kit. I used my own kit-built DI for the bass with a big Cinemag transformer which then got compressed through a Distressor. I made a couple of quick vids to show the set up in the studio and control room.

The control room is great, loads of well labelled inputs and outputs. We used their SSL AWS900 to track, going through Focusrite Rednet converters.The keyboards are the bands. That Arturia is special. Incredible what you can get these days for the price (£180?).

What did I miss from Church Road? Sometimes i forget how stuffed with audio treats my place is - the ribbon mics, the vintage reverb and tape delays, the vintage amps and guitars, the choice of preamps. It really is a little slice of heaven down there. 4 headphone mixes too which makes things easier. And tracking and monitoring back is so much easier with my Apogee Maestro system. But hey ho, these things take ages to develop and set up, and 20 years down the line that's why our recording process is so smooth here. Touch wood!

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