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On set sound recording

Zoom F8 recorder

Tim Pope directing, DOP Gavin Williams, and the actors under the shotgun mics

Had a great job this week recording the sound for a short film by director Tim Pope. It really is a different world to music recording. Some of the challenges were hiding lavalier mics and getting the booms out of shot but sounding good. Luckily I had two great shotgun mics work with - the #Sennheiser MKH416 and 8050. We were in a big open refectory hall for the main shots so i'd suggested using carpets to dampen the sound which worked out. I also got to use my new #Zoom F8 portable sound recorder and mixer which performed amazingly, absolutely easy to work with and rock solid on file export and management.

We do quite a bit of media related recording at the studio. If you're using Adobe Premier and need a professional sound mix both Paul and I have plenty of experience in that area.

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